We all know about the couponing show on TLC and would love to be that person to only spend a few dollars on $500.00 worth of stuff. Well let me just let you know the show is staged just like most shows on the television now a days. Now don't get me wrong you can save and you can even get things for free or make money on items but it takes time and everyone starts at the bottom. 

Couponing in the beginning can seen very overwhelming and you can get discouraged very quickly but i promise if you stick with it you will see it is all worth it in the end. 


I know some of you out there are brand loyal and want to stick with it but if i told you you can get one brand for free and have to spend money on the one you are brand loyal to what would you say to that, I know in life they say things are not free but im here to teach you how to get things cheap or even free. Remember it takes time to become an expert you have to start as a beginner and not give up. If you quit its just like failing, you may not save 100% for first shopping trip but just keep at it and you will get there. 

Keep this in mind

You can make money sometimes just by going to the grocery store and buying products that's EXCITING!

Items to get your self to start:
  • BINDER-I say a 2-inch binder for starters is good
  • BASEBALL CARD INSERTS-you can get these at Walmart near the baseball cards in the front of the store.
  • Scissors- A good pair (Do not use your scissors from your kitchen they are very dangerous)
  • BAG-something to keep your binder and other items you need in to take to the store
  • CALCULATOR- this will come in handy
You don't need a BAG i just suggest getting one the same with the calculator if you are good at math or have a phone you can use that. 

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